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Namsan Park & N Seoul Tower

  • N Seoul Tower, considered as being one of the symbols of Seoul along with Namsan Park, is loved by many citizens for being a tourist attraction and a resting place. Namsan Park, which was constructed with Namsan Mountain as the center, is the largest park in Seoul. The park is divided into Jangchung District, Yejang District, Hoehyeon District, and Hannam District. The park features trails, outdoor stages, N Seoul Tower, and other various facilities to enable restful and cultural activities of Seoul citizens.
  • Namsan Park that witnessed a long history of Seoul is home to the recreational interests of numerous citizens. The Seoul City Wall starts from the back street of Jangchung Gymnasium and numerous statues and monuments, including Baekbeom Plaza and the Statue of Ahn Jung-geun, can be found standing here. Among the beauty of Namsan Mountain, our ancestors enjoyed nature and arts. Namsangol Hanok Village, one of the must-see attractions for Korean and foreign tourists, was restored at the northern foot of Namsan Mountain. In Namsangol Hanok Village, you can peacefully enjoy beautiful nature just like how our ancestors enjoyed nature and arts.