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Medical Services in Jung-gu

Jung-gu Community health center

  • Address

    • 16 Dasan-ro 39-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul Map
  • Tel

    • +82-2-3396-6317
  • Public Transportation

    • Subway
      • 10 minute walk from Exit No. 4, Sindnag station, Subway Line No. 2
      • 5 minute walk from Exit No. 8, Sindnag station Subway No. 6
    • Bus
      • Blue : 202, 421, 463, N62
      • Green : 2012, 2014, 2015, 2233
      • Red : 9403
  • A community health center is a public medical institution established by the district to promote local residents’ health and prevent and manage diseases.
  • Service recipients
    • Local governments select those who require visiting health services from a community health center from the health risk groups and patient groups with diseases among the socially, culturally, and economically vulnerable who have difficulty accessing health promotion services. e.g., multicultural families, North Korean refugees, the elderly living alone, local children’s centers (children living in poverty), youth shelters or unauthorized facilities, those who are deemed to need such services by community health center and social institution departments, etc.
  • Types of services
    • Health screening (understanding health behaviors and health risks)
    • Management of chronic diseases (metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disorders, cerebro-vascular diseases, etc.) and prevention of complications
    • Rehabilitation and health management tailored to different life stages (infants/toddlers, pregnant women, adults, seniors, etc.) for people with disabilities residing at home
    • Health care services for multicultural families and North Korean refugees
    • Health education for the promotion of health

    ※ Visit a Community Health Center with your alien registration card to get a TB test

Specialized hospitals by field in Jung-gu

Specialized hospitals by field in Jung-gu
Specialized field Hospital Address Contact information
Colorectal surgery Seoul Songdo Hospital 78, Dasan-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 02-2231-0900


Gynecology Cheil General Hospital & Women's Healthcare Center 17, Seoae-ro 1gil, Jung-gu, Seoul 02-2000-7114