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Preparations for Garbage Collection

Sorting trash refers to separating waste into different elements, such as plastic, paper, vinyl, cans, and so on. General trash and food trash that does not need to be sorted should be disposed of in a standard plastic garbagebag. Through the bag fees, this system encourages recycling and reduces waste.

Penalty for violations

  • Penalties ranging from 100,000won up to 1,000,000won (depending on the local district) will be levied against an illegaldisposal.
  • If food waste is not separated from general waste, penalty rates for illegal disposal will grow progressively higher. (Penalty rates apply differently for each local district.)

Time for discharge and collection

  • Discharge day: You need to ask the district (gu) office about the day because it varies for each local district.
  • Discharge hours: From sunset to midnight

Collection places

  • In front of the gate (if residence is an individual home)
  • Outdoor receptacles for apartments.

Types of garbage bags

  • General Waste: For general waste (semitransparent white plastic bags)
  • Food Waste Only: Domestic and commercial food waste (semi-transparent yellow plastic bags)
  • Recycling: Discharge in ordinary plain plastic bags

Bulky waste

  • Bulky waste refers to waste which cannot be put in a standard plastic garbage bag, such as furniture, home appliances, etc.
    Bulky waste : Type, Details
    Type Details
    Furniture Drawers, cabinets, desks, dressers, bookshelves, beds, sofas, sinks, etc.
    Damaged home appliances Home appliances such as TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc.
    Undamaged home appliances TV, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and home appliances to be disposed of that are one meter tall or higher

    ※ A small home appliance such as an iron or vacuum cannot be thrown out by itself. You should either take out five or more small home appliances at once, or put it out when intending to dispose of bulky waste.


  • Jung-gu Cleaning Administration Division
    • Tel : 02-3396-5453
    • Location : Jung-gu Office 5th floor Map

Report Disposal of Bulky Waste