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Issuance and Reporting of Seal Certificate

Issuance and Report of Seal Certificate

  • Summary
    • This application form is for those wishing to register their seal at the designated government office in advance or submit a Seal Certificate to the other party when transferring the title to a property or settling an important business contract in order to show that the document is created and signed by himself/herself.
  • For
    • Those who already have a registered seal or who wish to register a seal.
  • How to Apply
    • Visit in person
  • Office in Charge
    • Issuance of Seal Certificate: Local 'gu' office (Civil Application Office) or 'dong' community center.

      ※ A seal can be reported only at 'dong' community center.

  • Documents
    Documents : Vsitor, Issuance of Seal Certificate, Seal Report
    Visitor Issuance of Seal Certificate Seal Report
    Applicant himself/herself
    • ① ID

      ※ Minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

    • ① ID (Alien Registration Card, Certificate of Residence, Passport)
    • ② Notarized Power of Attorney and apostil are required.
    • ③ Registered Seal

      ※ Only the owner of the seal can register a seal.

    • ① Applicant’s ID (Original)
    • ② Notarized Power of Attorney and apostil are required.
    • ③ Power of Attorney
    • ④ ID of the proxy
  • Processing Time
    • Instant
  • Inquiries
    • Civil Application & Passport Division and Foreigner Civil Application Desk at Jung-gu Office or 'dong' community center

※ Important tips when registering a seal

  • Seals made of copperplate, rubber and other easily modified seals are not accepted. Seals made using a computer are not accepted.
  • Only the name registered on the Certificate of Family Relationship and Resident Registration can be used.
  • Seals that are inappropriate for stamping on the seal file due to wear and tear or damage are not accepted.
  • Characters that cannot be recognized as a name are not accepted.
  • The size of the seal must be between 7mm and 30mm.

※ Should there be any change to the reported or registered seal, the seal must be registered again. If you have lost your registered seal, you must register a new seal.

※ Although you are not required to report lost seals, you are strongly advised to submit a 'Seal Protection Application' at your "dong" community center or register a new seal if yoy have lost your have lost your registered seal.