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  • consequently a comfortable, convenient way to travel around the city. There are four types of taxis in Seoul: white, silver, Seoul Orange, and black. White, silver, and Seoul Orange taxis are ilban or regular taxis, and black taxis are mobeom or luxury taxis.

Taxis Types

    • Regular taxis
      • Regular taxis are generally orange, silver or white. If you take a taxi between midnight and 4 am, a 20% surcharge is added to the fare.
      • If you want to use a call taxi, you can call the Call Taxi Service “1333” operated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport or download the “Call Taxi” app.
    • Deluxe taxis (Mobeom taxis)
      • Deluxe taxis, also known as black taxis, provide higherquality service than regular taxis. A deluxe taxi license is granted to regular taxi drivers who have driven a regular taxi for 10 years without any accidents.
      • You can see a “Deluxe” or “Deluxe Taxi” sign on the vehicle.
    • Jumbo taxis
      • Buses that circle downtown Seoul and make short stops around the center of the City
      • Inquiries ☏1644-2255 / International Taxi website :
    • Call vans
      • Call vans are taxis mainly intended for freight transportation. Calls vans are part of the freight industry, while jumbo taxis, which look like vans, (also known as wagon taxis) are for passenger transportation.
    • Call taxis for the disabled
      • Call taxis for the disabled are taxis for severely disabled people. You can book a taxi online, by phone, by text (☏ 1588-4388), or via app on your mobile.
      • Visit the Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation Call Taxi for the Disabled website ( for further information.

Chauffeur services

  • If, for some reason, you cannot drive your car at the time, you can use a chauffeur service. Many people use chauffeur services between 9 pm and 1 am. You can search for a chauffeur service website online or download a chauffeur service app. The fee depends on the distance traveled.

Lost & Found

  • Seoul Private Taxi Association
    • Tel : 1544-7771
    • Website ( → Customer Center → Register Lost Item)
  • Seoul Taxi Association
    • Tel : 02-2033-9200
    • Website ( → Customer Center → Lost & Found)