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  • Motorcycles are generally cheaper than automobiles and are convenient to drive on Seoul's busy downtown roads. Businesses in particular use motorcycles for parcel services, motorcycle courier services, food delivery etc. Many people use motorcycles to go to school or work. Most motorcycle riders use motorcycles because of the low costs and convenience.

Acquisition of license

Acquisition of license : Types of motorcycles, Driver's Licenses
Types of motorcycles Driver's Licenses
125cc or higher displacement Driver’s License + Level II Driver’s License for Motorcycles
Less than 125cc displacement L Level I/II Driver’s License for Ordinary Motor Vehicles
Scooters Level I/II Driver’s License for Ordinary Motor Vehicles

※ People aged 18 and over can take a test for a Level II driver’s license for motorcycles. Motorcycles shall not be used on the expressways.

Registration and insurance

  • Motorcycle registration : A foreigner can register a motorcycle at the Transportation Administration Division of the Gu Office having jurisdiction over his/her domicile by submitting his/her alien registration certificate, certificate of manufacturer of a motorcycle, and certificate of insurance.
  • Insurance : Just like with automobiles, a foreigner who intends to own and operate a motorcycle in the Republic of Korea shall purchase an insurance policy