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Room Rental Agreement Confirmation Date

Issuance of Room Rental Agreement Confirmation Date

  • Summary
    • The court or your "dong" community center can have a date seal stamped on an empty space on your rental agreement to confirm the date of the rental agreement.
  • For
    • Holders of a room rental agreement.
  • How to Apply
    • Apply in person
  • Office in Charge
    • Your ‘dong’ community center or local Court Registry Office.
  • Documents
    • Original Room Rental Agreement
    • ID
  • Processing Time
    • Instant
  • Inquiries
    • Court of Korea Registry Office (1544-0770)

※ The tenant who has received the confirmation date or submitted a moving-in notification will have priority over the third party or reditor(s) who gained the right to the real estate property later than the confirmation date. This ensures that the tenant gets his/her deposit money back.

※ Persons other than the tenant in the rental agreement can have the confirmation date registered after the basic conditions of the greement are reviewed.