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City Brand

The symbols of Jung-gu, Seoul are the CI, BI, and character. Starting with the BI, which was newly developed in 2008, a new character was created in 2011, and a new CI, in 2013. Today, they serve as the new symbols of the district. Jung-gu is located at the heart of Seoul, particularly in terms of finance and transportation. It is also a center of tourism, with a number of popular destinations such as Sungnyemun, Myeong-dong, Namsan Mountain, Cheonggyecheon Stream, Namdaemun Market, and “Dongdaemun Fashion Town.” The district office of Jung-gu plans to develop its identity by using its new mantra "Heart of Seoul" to show its characteristics and advantages well.


    • CI

      The circle shows that Jung-gu is the center of Seoul in the simplest form, with the initial "J" is over the circle to explain its vision to become a global district. The colors red and orange are used to convey the message that the district is the core and the center.

    • BI

      The word "Jung-gu" is written in calligraphy to represent the power and dynamics of Jung-gu as the district located at the center of Seoul , also serving as a symbol.

    • Character (Hearty)

      Unlike the characters of other autonomous governments, the character of Jung-gu is designed to be very simple yet unique. The heart symbol is used to show that Jung-gu is the heart of Seoul, and the ring, to emphasize its willingness to communicate with the people.

Other Symbols

    • City Tree - Pine

      The pine tree has long been an everyday part of Koreans’ life and a cultural symbol. Naturally grown pine trees can still be found all over Korea, largely due to their ability to grow in just about any environment. Their tenacity and greenness are often regarded as a symbol of high spirit and integrity in Korea.

    • City Flower - Rose

      The rose is called the queen of flowers by many for its beauty and colors. Many people love this flower for its strong scent and bright colors, which symbolize passion and prosperity.

    • City Bird - Magpie

      The magpie, a resident bird of Korea, is commonly found on high branches around towns. For many centuries, this familiar wild bird has been a symbol of hope and auspiciousness in Korea, and many Koreans still believe in the superstition that someone close to them will visit their home -- or they will at least hear from the person soon -- after seeing the bird around their house.