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Types of recyclable waste

Types of recyclable waste : Type, Recyclable (O), Non-recyclable (X)
Type Recyclable (O) Non-recyclable (X)
Paper Newspapers, books, notebooks, wrapping paper, corrugated cardboard, paperbags, paper boxes, and other paper items bearing a recycling symbol

Plastic(Vinyl)-coated paper bags or paper cups
Glass Liquor bottles such as beer and soju bottles, soda bottles, and other glass items bearing a recycling symbol

Plate glass, mirrors, heatresistant dinnerware, and ivorycolored (cream-colored) glass, milk-white bottles, cosmetic bottles, ceramic wares
Metal Drink cans, spray cans, butane fuel canisters, aluminum, stainless steel flatware, tools, and other iron/aluminum items bearing a recycling symbol

Paint cans, oil barrels, harmful substance containers
Styrofoam EPE foam buffers for home appliances, containers for transporting fishes or fruits, and clean instant cup noodle containers Disposable plates
Plastic Items bearing an HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, PVC, or OTHER recycling symbol

Pens, socket with button switch, toys, baby walkers, telephones, disposable cameras, electric heaters
Milk cartons Milk cartons
Fluorescent lamps Unbroken fluorescent lamps and bulbs Broken fluorescent lamps and bulbs
Plastic bags(Viny) Vinyl bags (white/black/other vinyl bags, instant noodle packages) Items bearing an HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, PVC, or OTHER recycling symbol

Dirty plastic bags(vinyl)
Batteries Dispose of batteries at the designated area indicated such as subway station buildings, local community centers, and schools.

Taking out recyclable waste

  • Separate recyclable items by material (paper, metal, plastic, glass, vinyl, etc.) and put them in the designated place in front of your house.
  • Dirty vinyl may be mistaken for garbage. Collect clean vinyl in a transparent plastic bag before putting it out.
  • Each district has its own waste collection day. You will need to check and find out the recyclable waste collection day and put it out at the designated time (from sunset to midnight).


  • Either place recyclable waste in front of your house, in the designated place if in a detached residence, or in the waste collection area if in an apartment complex.