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Transportation Cards

Transportation Cards more info

  • When using public transportation, for your convenience, you can pay with a transportation card instead of cash. A transportation card allows you to use the subway, intra-city buses, taxis, and bicycles to travel.
  • There are two types of transportation cards: T-money and Cash-bee.
  • You can purchase a transportation card at any convenience store (GS 25, 7-Eleven, CU, Mini Stop, Emart24, etc.), subway stations (Lines 1 to 9), online T-money shops, etc. (You will need to charge your transportation card by putting money on it before you can use it.)

※ T-money : / Cash-bee :

Recharging and using a transportation card

  • Every subway station has transportation card recharging machines. The machine allows you to select a foreign language.
  • To use the card, tap it on the turnstile sensor in the area stating “Place Your Card Here”. You will hear a beep sound, and the fare will be deducted from your balance.
  • If you want to use one transportation card for two or more people, tell the driver the number of passengers, and then tap your transportation card on the reader when instructed (only for bus).


  • When you are getting off a bus or subway or transferring to another mode of public transportation, you will need to tap your transportation card on the sensor to get a transfer discount or complete your travel.
  • If you fail to scan your card, you may be charged for an additional fare.
  • The number of transfers (subway-bus, bus-bus) you can do using a general transportation card is limited to four times a day. (The total number of times you can use public transportation is limited to five times a day.)

※ Applies to : Transfers between subway and Seoul Bus, Gyeonggi Bus, or Incheon Bus

※ The time limit for transfers is 30 minutes after getting off. (1 hour between 9:00 pm and 7:00 am the following day)

※ You can use a single journey ticket for subway only.

※ The transfer discount will not apply if you transfer to the same-numbered bus.