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  • Certificate of Entry and Departure
  • 인쇄하기
Issuance of Certificate of Entry and Departure
- This certificate is used to prove your entry to and departure from this country.
- Korean nationals and foreigners wishing to receive the Certificate of Entry and Departure
  (available also for those who have never left the country.)
How to Apply
- Visit the office in person or apply at the website (
Office in Charge
- Office: Local gu office, community center, or Immigration Office
- Website: Korean Government Civil Application website ( ※ Digital Certificate required
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Visitor Required Documents
Applicant himself/herself (Adult) ① ID
- Resident Registration Card.Driver's License, Passport, Certificate of Alien   Registration, Residence Report
Proxy ① Applicant's ID
② Power of Attorney (Applicant's signature or seal required)
③ ID of the proxy
Legal Representative
① ID of the legal representative
② Certificate of Family Relationship (Certificate of Resident Registration, Health      Insurance Card)
Processing Time: Instan
Inquiries: Immigration Office (Hotline: 1345)
※The Certificate of Entry and Departure is a form that includes only the dates of departure and entry; it is only used    to prove that the individual was not in Korea during the period specified. Therefore, it does show which country the    individual has visited and left or the purpose of visit.
※The following documents can be submitted in lieu of a power of attorney:

1. Legal Representative: Document specifying the relationship between the legal representative and applicant.

2. if the applicant is a minor and one of the parents is applying on behalf of the minor: Certificate of Family     Relationship (Ex: Birth Certificate)

3. if the applicant is missing or dead and one of the direct family members is applying on behalf of the     person:Documents proving that the person is missing or dead, Certificate of Family Relationship and the     applicant's ID. (Ex: A report saying that the person has run away from home (Original copy only, since a copy     can be forged.), Death Certificate, Autopsy Report or Family Census Removal Registration)

4. if the applicant is a foreign national who has permanently left the country and his/her former employer or the     legal representative is applying on behalf of the individual: Employment Agreement with the applicant