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  • Change of Address
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Change of Address for Foreigners and Foreign Residents
- This section is for foreigners and foreign residents who need to submit their new address to the gu office
  ,Korea Immigration Service and/or  'dong' community center after a change of address.
- Foreigners and foreign residents who have moved to a new address.
How to Apply
- Visit the office in person or its website (
Office in Charge
- Actual Office: Local "gu" office (Civil Application Office), Korea Immigration Office or 'dong' community center.
- Website: e-government for foreigners (
Reporting Period
- Within 14 days of moving to a new address (including weekends and holidays).
※ After 14 days, report only to the local Korea Immigration Office, and a fine may be imposed.
Separate recycling waste by type
Visitor Change of Address (Foreigners) Change of Address (Foreign Residents)
Applicant himself/herself ① Change of Residence Application Form
② Foreigner Registration Card
③ Original copy that confirming the change of     address (Rental Agreement, etc...)
① Change of Residence Application
② Domestic Residence Report and Passport
③ Original copy of the document that confirms      change of address (Rental Agreement, etc...)
Proxy(Family Members Included) ※ ① ~ ③
④ Power of Attorney
⑤ ID of the proxy
⑥ Document that verifies the relationship (Family Registration, Employment Certificate, etc...)
Processing Time: Instant
Inquiries: Immigration Office (Hotline: 1345)

- Visit the Seoul Immigration Office and register

    ● Loation : 10 minute walk from Subway Line 5, Exit 7

    ● Inquiries : 02-2650-6212

- Visit the Seoul Immigration Service at Sejong-ro Office, and register

    ● Location : Subway Line 1, Jonggak Station, Exit 6 (Seoul Global Center 2 & 3 floor, 64-1 Seorin-dong,

    ● Inquiries : 02-731-1799