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Types of relocation services & storage services When thinking about moving in to Korea, there are several types of relocation services available.
Call van service
If you are single with only a few possessions, call van service may be the economically wise method of relocation.
Standard relocation service
Standard is the most affordable way to move and is best suited for singles without much to pack. When making a reservation for using a vehicle, you should confirm if you need a worker to move your belongings. You must pack and unpack all your belongings; although not the most convenient method of choice, it is the most economical option available.
Complete relocation service
Complete relocation service sends movers and they do everything from packing, moving, and unpacking your belongings at your new house. The movers pack, transport and unpack all your belongings. This method is quite convenient considering you only have to organize your belongings and the movers will take care of everything else. Cleaning and extra services to make the entire moving process easier is also available at an extra cost
Moving Tips If you need further assistance, the friendly folks at the Seoul Global Center (SGC) are always available to lend a helping hand. Located on the third floor of the Seoul Press Center, SGC offers help in all areas of life in Seoul. Take the initiative and head over to the SGC office or give them a call at 02-2075-4180 or visit

If you notice furnishings or items in need of repair, remember to include them in the lease agreement. When you conclude the lease agreement, we recommend that you include the details in the contract after having prior consultation with the lessor.

Remember to take note of “No spirits days.” What is a No spirits day? It is more of a long - standing Korean myth than anything else, but certain days of the lunar calendar are considered to be free of evil spirits. Since more people may reserve these dates for their move, you may have difficulties in find - ing a vehicle or workers. Check with your service provider for the specific dates.

Store-then-relocate service
Storage services are often provided by overseas complete relocation movers. The service provider will store your belongings in a storage space until your designated moving date. Storage services depend on the amount and duration of your storage needs.