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  • Types of Accommodation
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  • Apartments (Flats) img1
    Apartments are the most popular housing option among Koreans. Apartments are also preferred by most other residents of Korea due to convenience. Basic utilities such as water, gas and heating are well established
    Nearly all complexes have facilities nearby and easy access to public transportation Drawbacks to living in apartments include distracting levels of noise. Similar to the mass housing of apartments, there are rows of houses, apartment units in private houses, etc. Because the residents share the parking area of apartment buildings you may have parking difficulties due to the narrow parking spaces in the case of old apartments.

    Price Range
    The official unit of area for housing or office spaces in Korea is the square meter. But customarily, the unit ‘pyeong’ is still used as well.
    One ‘pyeong’ is equivalent to approximately 3.3 square meters. Prices vary depending on location and size of the apartment complex.
    ※ To check the current market value for an apartment:
  • Officetels img2
    Officetels originally referred to an office furnished with minimal residential facilities. Recently, they have been frequently used for residential purposes. They are preferred by unmarried workers and are designed to protect people’s privacy. They are also located where easy access to public transportation is available. The rooms are furnished with necessary furniture and amenities even though the room size is not so large.
    *Caution: One must confirm whether or not it is an officetel built for residence before contracting
  • Private Houses img3
    Private houses are constructed on their own sites for a household. Private houses are becoming harder to find in urban settings in Korea. Private houses for foreigners can be commonly found in Itaewon, Seongbuk-dong and Pyeongchang-dong.
  • One Room img4
    One room units are of a similar type of housing to officetels except they are smaller than officetels. One room units are a cost-saving alternative to officetels. Lots of them are located near universities.
  • Hanoks img5
    A hanok refers to traditional Korean style housing. Currently, the place where many hanoks are preserved is the area of Jongno-gu, Seoul. Bukchon Hanok Village is a typical area for the traditional houses. In recent days, more and more people are remodeling hanoks by harmonizing the excellence of hanoks with life convenience. These remodeled homes have various modern amenities to go along with the beauty of the traditional architecture.
  • Serviced residences img06
    Serviced residences are furnished apartment buildings with hotel-like services for both short and long-term visitors. Furniture or other facilities needed for living are provided, and hotel-like service is provided as well. These units are usually two to three times bigger than your average hotel room and usually include kitchens. Also a hotel-like front desk, a business center and a community space are provided at a price higher than the average lease housing fee and lower than the average hotel one. These residences are convenient since they are near public transportation systems.

    Fraser Suites : Tel. 02-6262-8282 / [K / E]

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    Vabien : Tel. 02-2075-9000 /[K / E / J]

    DMC Ville : Tel. 02-380-4800 / [K/ E/ J]