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Foreign Cities
Foreign Cities
City Date of
Population Area Characteristics
Xicheng, Beijing, China
‘94.10.18 1,250,000 50.7㎢ The central commercial and financial district of Beijing where Tiananmen is located.
Yiwu, Zhejiang, China
‘05.10.23 740000 1105㎢ A center of transportation in Zhejiang known for a market for small products.
Harbin, Heilongjiang, China
‘09.01.04 4,750,000 7㎢ The capital city of Heilongjiang; a popular tourist destination with long history and culture
Bayangol, Ulaanbaatar, Mongol
‘09.04.22 160,000 2900㎢ The central commercial and financial district of Ulaanbaatar.
Moscow, Russia
‘07.06.05 700,000 70㎢ The administrative center of Moscow where the Grand Kremlin Palace and Federation Council are located.
Parramatta, New South
Wales, Australia
‘98.08.18 170,000 61㎢ The second largest city in the State of New South Wales.
Domestic Cities
Domestic Cities
City Date of
Population Area Characteristics
‘96.01.22 47,000 518.6㎢ The Eight Scenic Views of Jangseong, Baegyangsan Mountain, Chungnyeongsan Mountain, Hong Gil-dong Wood Land
Sokcho, Gangwon-do
‘97.01.22 83,000 105.3㎢ Jodo Island, Seoraksan Mountain, Yeongnangho Lake, Expo Tower, Yeonggeumjeong
Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do
‘11.08.30 169,000 826.4㎢ Hantangang River, Sanjeong Lake, Baegun Valley, Herb Island, Art Valley, Gwangneung Aboretum
‘11.11.08 77,000 912㎢ Mungyeongsaejae, Mungyeong Hot Springs, Gaeun Off Set
‘12.05.02 50,000 845㎢ Nangye Korean Classical Music Museum, Cheongyesan Mountain, Yeongguksa Temple
Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do
‘12.05.11 170,000 61㎢ The second city in New South Wales
‘13.05.02 730,000 624㎢ Royal Tombs of Baekje, Nagohaam Rock, Baekje Cultural Complex, Guttre, Mansusan Natural Park
Sister Schools
Sister Schools
School Date of
Joint Programs
Soongui Women’s College ‘96.01.22 Academy for Parents and Children
Dongguk University ‘97.01.22 Chamsarang Volunteers, Mentoring Class between Autonomous Districts, Lectures by Foreign Professors, Utilization of Sports Fields
Jeong Hwa Arts University ‘11.08.30 Student Volunteer Activities
Central Cities Association
Domestic Cities
City Date of
Population Area Website
Jung-gu, Busan 1996.6.7 47,000 2.82
Jung-gu, Daegu 1996.6.7 77,000 7.08
Jung-gu, Incheon 1996.6.7 106,000 131.29
Jung-gu, Gwangju 1996.6.7 105,000 49.21
Jung-gu, Daejeon 1996.6.7 264,000 62.13
Jung-gu, Ulsan 1996.6.7 233,000 37