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Location of Jung-gu in Seoul
Jung-gu, one of 25 districts (called “Gu”) is located in the center of Seoul and in the north side of Han River. Jung-gu is bounded by Cheonggeycheon stream bordering Jongno-gu on the north. On the east, it is bordered by Seongdong-gu, on the south by Muhak-dong and Eungbong-dong in Youngsan-gu and on the west by Seodeamun-gu.
Sub-districts(Dong) of Jung-gu and Areas
  • Sogong-dong(0.95㎢)
  • Hoehyeon-dong(0.84㎢)
  • Myeongdong(0.99㎢)
  • Pildong(1.14㎢)
  • Jangchung-dong(1.36㎢)
  • Gwanghui-dong(0.74㎢)
  • Euljiro-dong(0.6㎢)
  • Sindang-dong(0.55㎢)
  • Dasan-dong(0.51㎢)
  • Yaksoo-dong(0.48㎢)
  • Cheonggu-dong(0.34㎢)
  • Sindang 5-dong(0.39㎢)
  • Donghwa-dong(0.26㎢)
  • Hwanghak-dong(0.33㎢)
  • Jungnim-dong(0.48㎢)